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The National Palace occupies the entire East side of Zocalo Mexico. The length of El Zocalo plaza more than 200 meters. With the construction of the establishment was started in the year 1563. He first served as the seat of the viceroy of new Spain. In the El Zocalo history, several fires destroyed large parts of the establishment.Zocalo Mexico City After the reconstruction, the National Palace got its present appearance. After the independence of Mexico in the 19th century, the Palace was renamed the Palacio Nacional and was the seat of the Mexican Government from now on.  In El Zocalo history, the establishment was raised in 1926 to a floor. Parts of the old establishment are from the former Palace of the Aztec ruler Montezuma II, which El Zocalo history of the 16th century with the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés had fierce fighting and fierce resistance against persecution in El Zocalo history by the colonialists.

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Most Popular Attractions in Zocalo Mexico

The most popular attractions within the National Palace are the oversized murals by Diego Rivera. The Mexican artist created the monumental painting in El Zocalo history from 1929 to 1951. They represent the history of Mexico from different centuries of El Zocalo plaza on an area of 110 square meters. The murals adorn the El Zocalo wall of the staircase there. The El Zocalo wall of the Gallery on the first floor of the establishment. The graffiti report of the historical events in chronological order, starting with the God Quetzalcoatl. Scenes from the struggle for Mexico’s independence form the end. The National Palace has a total of 14 courtyards, of which only a few for the public are accessible. In the establishment, the National Palace Museum, which houses among other things, the State Archives of Mexico is placed next to the seat of Government and the Ministry of Finance. Also, is the place with the Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada the largest library of Mexico’s in the National Palace. The original Bell, the father Miguel Hidalgo ushered in the Mexican War of Independence against the Spanish colonial Government in 1810 hangs directly over the balcony of the main portal.

History of Zocalo Mexico

Zocalo Mexicois the heart of Mexico City has a great historical significance. Once, at this point, the Palace of the Acolhua King Montezuma II, which is one of the largest churches of the American continent. The construction of the monumental sacred establishment was almost 100 years and lasted from the year 1537 up to the year 1667 in El Zocalo history. Inside the Cathedral the ornately carved altar of Kings stands out. Three portals highlight the inputs on the main side of the facade. In architecture, architectural styles from the Baroque merge different up to classicism. Because the Church, like many other establishments in the city, was built on swampy ground, it threatens to sink again due to this  Zocalo Mexico facts the enormous weight of the Cathedral and the establishment with an enormous technical effort must be supported and secured.

Brief Information of Zocalo Mexico

In El Zocalo information, There is the Templo Mayor archaeological site in the North of Zocalo Mexico. The remains of the former Temple district were found there, which now will be explored. A beautiful colonial establishment, which houses the Monte de Piedad pawn shop since the 19th century with the rises in the West of the square. The Church of Sagrario Metropolitano is placed right next to the Cathedral of Mexico City. There is a flagpole with a huge Mexican flag in the Centre of the square. She is brought up every evening with a solemn military ceremony and tomorrow again raised to the next. In the El Zocalo history, one of the oldest streets of the Mexican capital is the place with the” Calle de Moneda.” The edges of the street are lined with palaces and establishment from the colonial era. Also, place on the street archiepiscopal Palace which was built in Baroque style and the Church of La Santisima.

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