Uluru Ayers Rock & Mountains of Australia

Uluru Ayers Rocks & Mountains of Australia

The  Ayers Rock mountains of Australia are the most striking feature of the monolithic-looking mountain with red coloring, which rises from the desert-like landscape of the Australia. The  Ayers Rock is located in the northern territory of Australia and is known by the aborigines as Uluru.  The spiritual thoughts kept Aboriginal people in Ayers Rock resort. The layers rock mountain is part of a subterranean layer of rock that consists largely on sandstone. The high proportion of iron in the rock is responsible for the characteristic coloring of the layers rock mountain. Due to the weather of the Earth’s surface oxidizes the iron content and rusty red color you see during Ayers rock tours.

Ayers rock of australia

Pictures of Uluru Ayers Rocks

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Tour to Uluru Ayers Rocks

The Ayers Rock is visited each year by about half a million tourists and therefore belongs to the most important Ayers rock tours attractions of the continent. The mountain is three kilometers in length and is up to two kilometers wide. He stands at  348 meters high of Ayers rock mountain  from the Central Australian desert. Its highest point of Ayers rock mountain is 863 meters above sea level. The region around Ayers Rock Mountain is traversed by numerous layers rock hike trails. In Ayers rock tours, You can take part in an organized Ayers Rock hike headed the local Ranger or go around the Ayers rock mountain  on his own. Leads to a length of 10.6 kilometers of the Ayers Rock Mountain  Uluru base walk completely around the monumental rock around. In this way, you will pass numerous caves with ancient rock paintings. The Kuniya Walk on ayers Rock mountains is only one kilometre long and leads to a permanent water hole at the foot of the Ayers Rock mountain. The route of Ayers rock mountain is disabled and can be navigated by wheelchairs. Along the two-kilometre of Ayers Rock guided tours are offered between October and April of each morning. You will find an  Ayers Rock information boards provide you with exciting details about the mythological significance of the mountain and flora and fauna along the way.

Tourist guide to Uluru Ayers Rocks Australia

Also,  the Ayers Rock guided tours are offered by the Australian Aborigines, enjoy great popularity. Also, perform bike and camel tours at the foot of the Ayers Rock mountain. In the West of Ayers, Rock Mountain can be climbed on a marked path. The footpath is equipped only with a handrail, and the ascent is not without danger. Several people were already killed or had to be flown to a small carelessness by helicopter to the hospital at Ayers rock mountain. The ascent of the Ayers Rock mountain although tolerated by the Australian aborigines, but do not want. This fact is noted in the Ayers Rock guided tours brochure, as well as on a sign at the beginning of the climb with the remark “Do not climb Uluru.” The photography and filming are at some places of Ayers Rock Mountain along the Uluru base walk prohibited. On the trail have a deep spiritual significance in the faith of the natives and certain sites, so it must be to see anywhere else in the world.

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