Twelve Apostle on the Great Ocean Road Australia

Tourism Guide to Twelve Apostle:

The twelve apostles bus tour offers you the opportunity to take an extremely varied and exciting journey of discovery in the coastal region of  South Australia. You extends to a length of 243 kilometers between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, along with the twelve apostles bus tour and passes through picturesque villages, long sandy beaches, and fascinating cliffs. Up to 7.5 million visitors stop every year in the region of the Great Ocean Road. The coastal road is officially recognized as a national monument since 2011. The track with a length of 243 kilometers can be done within one day. On the way countless possibilities for swimming, surfing, hiking and excursions in the charming hinterland offer by twelve apostles bus tour.

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Pictures Of The Great Ocean Road

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History of the Great Ocean Road

The history of the Great Ocean Road began in 1864. At that time the plan to connect the coastal resorts in the South of Australia’s land was created. With the implementation of the plans began only in 1919. More than 3,000 returning soldiers who had fought in the first world war, took part in great ocean road construction. The construction works were, on the one hand, window-shop and on the other hand,  The great ocean road construction represented the symbolic construction of a war memorial. The geographical features of the region complicated the work, and there were always delays. The first section of the great ocean road construction was completed in only three years. Another ten years should elapse until the opening of the entire route in 1932. The Great Ocean Road is carried in the Australian street directories as B 100. At the beginning and end of the Road Archway mark with the corresponding label.

The great ocean road begins in the Surferhochbung Torquay. You pass first on another surfer have such as Bells Beach and Apollo Bay. These great ocean road resorts are already at the foothills of the mountains that reach here on the South coast. In the further course of the coastal road on the steep slopes of along the rocky coast winds. You can enjoy fantastic views of the great ocean road resort from several specially designed vantage points. After Apollo Bay leads the Great Ocean Road in the Interior of the country through the great Out way, National Park. The region consists of a rain forest in the temperate zone. A detour to the coast takes you to the Cape Outway and the light house there. Later, you will pass the Kennett River. This offer gives the opportunity to discover sleeping Koala in Eucalyptus trees in an observation tour. A fantastic hiking trail on the South coast of Australia is the great ocean walk, which follows close to the great ocean road runs the shoreline. He runs through a rugged coastal landscape, which is characterize by spectacular cliffs and sweeping dunes.

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