The Kootenay National Park Pictures & Brief information

The Kootenay National Park

The Kootenay National Park is one of fascinating nature reserves in the beautiful places of Canada with its various vegetation zones and beautiful natural contrasts.

In the Kootenay national park, the park extends over an area of 1,400 square kilometers in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The unique natural beautiful landscapes in kootenay national park history have been declared in 1984 the UNESCO world natural heritage site. The beautiful Kootenay national park facts are its charm from the contrasting vegetation zones, which are home to countless plant species from subalpine tundra to the deep forests in  River Valley. The climate of the Kootenay national park encompasses a wide range.  The temperature of the kootenay national park is rise in the summer of humid warm 28 degrees. Cool, damp climate prevails in the high altitudes of the Kootenay national park mountains. The different eco systems in the Park are home to many large mammals, almost 200 bird species and nearly 1,000 species of plants are described in kootenay National Park.

Pictures of The Kootenay National Park

The Surroundings of Kootenay National Park

On The beautiful National Park trails, the unspoiled wilderness of the Kootenay National Park opens you up. The untamed power of the forces of nature is close noticeably on a walk through the pictures of the  Tokumm Creek. A greate glacier view hiking route takes you via the Stanley Glacier trail to the wild craggy Mount Stanley at the beautiful National Park. The approximately four-hour hike you will cross a Valley covered with Kootenay national park mountains and Douglas fir trees. Along the road edges, at different orchids bloom the in summer. The rough charm of the beautiful National Park is among other things due to several forest fires; that constantly raged out of control in some areas of the Park. Partly, the charred stump of the tree trunks still sticking out of the Earth. The beautiful places of Canada attractions include  Radium Hot Springs. A thermal circuit, inviting after a long walk to a bathroom is located on its shores.

Tour to the Kootenay National park

You can explore in Kootenay national park mountains the scenic beauty of the different regions. The highway runs through the middle of the Kootenay national park mountains and at numerous points are the opportunity to a detour in the unspoiled wilderness offers during a road trip across the beautiful places of Canada. Near the road, you can see Kootenay national park mountain goats, moose, and Wapiti deer. Ibex, marmots, and mountain Pumas live in the higher Kootenay national park mountains is a greate glacier view, Special Wildlifetouren is offered to observe wolves, Grizzly bears, and black bears, which take place under the leadership of experienced Kootenay national park travel guide. The surroundings of the campground in the beautiful kootenay national park mountains  River Valley offers charming family trails with slight difficulty. In the Kootenay national park facts, the roads are lined with numerous flowering plants, and some are among the most beautiful hiking trails in the beautiful places of Canada Rockies. Daring have to participate in the Kootenay National Park the way an adventurous rafting tour on the Kootenay River is a greate glacier view.

History of the Kootenay national park

The Kootenay National Park was founded in 1920. The Indian natives use the mountains and forests of the region for more than 10,000 years as a hunting area. Today you are revered as “Pots of nature” referred to Paint pots from the Indians considered sacred. These are iron-rich sources, whose high pigmented and mineral content turns up the mud in the area. The Indians used mud to dye fabrics and ceramics, as well as to the war paint. The Earth may be taken by visitors of the Paint Pots, not as a souvenir. The highest kootenay national park mountain is the 3.424 meter Delta form sea level.  He was defeated for the first time in 1903 by two Swiss alpinists. Several lodges are offered within the beautiful National Park as a place to stay. The best known is the Kootenay Park Lodge in the Vermilion crossing. Here you will find one of two visitor centers at the beautiful places of Canada.

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