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Information of Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef coral of Australia in the North East coast is the largest coral reef in the world.The length of more than 2,300 kilometers, the great barrier reef before the stretches along the coast of the Australian State of Queensland. The coral reef is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and extends over an area of more than 35,000 km². The great barrier reef is divided into several sections; that was established to better overview and map.In great barrier reef tours, You see The northern section is located in the extreme north. The northern section and the Cairns section, align themselves with this area of great barrier reef coral . The latter is frequented heavily by great barrier reef tours because it is the coastal town and stronghold of holiday Cairns in the Pacific. The southern section consists of the central section of great barrier reef coral . More than 1,000 islands and innumerable sand banks emerge in the great barrier reef from the water.

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Tour to Great Barrier Reef

In great barrier reef tours, The emergence of the northern areas began about 20 million years ago. The southern regions are approximately two million years. A coral reef grows very slowly by the secretions of lime by hard coral polyps. The today you visit visible areas in great barrier reef tours is around 10,000 years old approximately. The reef exists as a huge organism and at the same time is a sensitive ecosystem. Before the North-East coast of Australia to the growth and spread of the coral reef conditions were optimal according to great barrier reef information. The smallest changes of in environmental conditions can bring the ecosystem out of balance. The great barrier reef temperature range is narrow between 18 and 30 degrees exist and enters into a symbiosis with various types of algae. The algae are responsible for the coloration of corals and the supply of nutrients. The water temperature rise time, the algae are rejected, and it comes to coral bleaching. As a result, the corals die off.

Tourism Guide to Great Barrier Reef

The Whitsunday Islands are among the most famous island group for great barrier reef tours. The contrasting landscape of the island consists of deserted Islands, which lie with its snow-white beaches of fine coral sand in the middle of the turquoise-blue sea. On many islands dark green dressed pine forests along the great barrier reef temperature. Some of the Islands are inhabited, others abandoned. The region is a very popular sailing area and attracts every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come by great barrier reef tours. Many seabirds that have applied to many islands colonies live on land are the part of great barrier reef tourist attractions. The great barrier reef animals including kangaroos through the Woods. Life in the water is much broader. Dolphins and Humpback whales are among the largest mammals off the coast. Turtles and a huge number of tropical fish species cavort on the coral sticks. Mangroves, hibiscus, orchids, and eucalyptus trees to determine the face of the Islands in addition to the pine forests are the great barrier reef tourist attractions. A wide range of maritime leisure opportunities offered on the inhabited islands in great barrier reef tours, Canoeing, water skiing, deep sea fishing and scuba diving are popular activities for visitors.

Great barrier reef tourists visited each year by more than two million tourists and therefore belongs to the most important attractions of Australia. In great barrier reef tours Excursions by boat, diving and snorkeling trips and scenic flights over the coral reef will be offered in the North of Queensland. The perfect scuba diving sites are located in particular “outer barrier.” The view is especially good in this area, hardly any sediment in the water can accumulate. Some areas are large areas cordoned off with nets to protect divers and snorkellers from shark attacks. About 85 percent of great barrier reef tours activities focused on Cairns and Airlie Beach holiday regions.

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