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The Banff National Park of Canada

The Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada and with an area of more than 6,600 square kilometers at the same time one of the largest. The discovery of the unBanff National Parkique landscapes by the Europeans was carried out to the middle of the 19th century. At that time, expeditions into the Rocky Mountains were dispatched, should identify a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination. for the the action of building of a railway line. In 1883, the action of building of the Canadian Pacific Railway was in full swing when a hot spring in the mountains was discovered. Two years later, the Canadian Government declared the region protected area. the action of building of the railway was moved and the Banff National Park was plan and begin the building in June 1887. The Park is one of the busiest regions of Canada. Every year, about five million people visit the natural treasure in the Canadian Rockies.

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Tourism Guide to the Banff National Park

The majority of tourist activity focuses season due mainly to the summer months and on a few places in the Park. The growing flow of visitors resulted in conflicts between tourism and the conservation of unique nature in the past. Directly through the National Park Highway an important connecting road with the busy Trans-Canada. Kilometer-long fences and numerous wild bridges were built to protect the wildlife. The entire length of the road, strict speed limits exist to prevent collisions with the animals. In the Banff National Park exists a rich fauna. Numerous large mammals live in the valleys and high altitude of the mountains. In addition to grizzly bears, elk,, and bighorn sheep, the Park is populated by black bears, Lynx and wolves. The seascape of the Vermilion Lakes is used by many species of birds as resting place during the annual hikes. The Banff National Park boasts of spectacular mountains, raging rivers and crystal clear glacial lakes.

Beauty of the Banff National Park

The Bow River is one of the largest rivers in Banff National Park. It rises in the Lake, which is fed by the outflow of the bow glacier. The river is an important source of drinking water and has a tremendous wealth of fish. Brown trout, rainbow trout and char abound in the clear water. A visit to Lake Louise is one of the tourist highlights. The Turquoise Lake is fed by the glacier drains of the surrounding mountains and is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape. Beautiful hiking trails and challenging climbing tours begin at the mountain lake. Also, the lonely Johnson Lake and the blue-green shimmering PEYTO Lake are attractive destinations. The Hot Springs National Park its genesis owes the Banff are known as cave and basin. Bubble in a vast cave under the Earth’s surface. An impressive mountain panorama is the moraine Lake in the Valley of the ten peaks. Ten striking mountain peaks stretch their snow-capped peaks in the sky on the lake shore.


Its seat is located in the National Park is the small town of Banff with about 7,000 inhabitants. The village lies the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of almost 1,400 meters on the slope. Here you will find some hotels and bed & breakfast accommodation. You have a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding mountains of the sulfur mountain. To reach the top of 2,451 m high mountain, with the gondola from the city area. The Icefields Parkway, which runs through the Banff National Park between Lake Louise and Jasper is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads of the world. On a ride on this long-haul route, they pass the overwhelming landscapes. The main attractions include the Crowfoot glacier and the Columbia Icefield. The Parkway at an altitude of 2.088 meters at the bow pass reaches its highest point. The Bridal Veil Falls offers spectacular waterfalls that plunge down into the Valley in several cascades from a height of 370 m. The Athabasca Falls are located on the Icefields Parkway and from the Athabasca glacier fed.

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