Pyramids, Temples and must visit Places of Egypt

According to the history of Egypt, Pharaohs rule the Egypt in ancient time, thousands of years ago. Pharaohs plays an important role to build up historical and beautiful monumental buildings according to the acient human creativity which is now appreciated by millions of visitors.


Pyramids of Egypt:

About 15 kilometers from the city center of Cairo station rise with the pyramids of Giza and the great Sphinx monumental buildings that have more than 4,500 years old. In ancient times, the pyramids were among the seven wonders of the world and to the middle ages, the world-famous Cheops Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure of the Earth. The pyramid building as an expression of monumental Tomb architecture was first practiced by the Pharaohs of the 3rd dynasty. The Djoser pyramid at Saqqara is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It was built around the year 2,650 BC and should henceforth determine the architecture of the monumental tombs of Egyptian kings.

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Temples of Egypt:

Next to the pyramids, the spectacular temples on the Nile River belong to the most visited attractions in Egypt. The Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple near the city of Luxor were connected by a 2.5 kilometre-long Avenue once, which was lined with stone Sphinxes. The sculptures represent a human head on the body of a lion and have been widely used in ancient Egyptian. The most famous representatives of this representation are the Sphinx of Giza. Not far from the temple, the Valley of the Kings is located on the other side of the Nile. This is a huge collection of ancient burial chambers, in which numerous Pharaohs of the 18th 20th dynasty were buried.

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Statues and temples of Egypt:

The Temple of Edfu in Upper Egypt is one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. It was built from the year 237 BC and lies on the edge of the Egyptian city. No less attractive presents the Philae Temple on the island of Agilika, located near the city of Aswan. Like the other ancient Egyptian Temple complexes, he belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is visited each year by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Attractions of the country along the Nile are also available the Memnon Colossi. The huge monolithic stone statues depict the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who ruled the country between 1388 and 1351 BC. They have a height of 18 meters and once flanked the entrance to the Temple of Amenhotep, from today no remnants are preserved.

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