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Yoho National Park

The Yoho National Park is located between the high mountains of the Rocky Mountains in the Canadian province of British Columbia at yoho waterfalls. The 28 mountains with an elevation of more than 3,000 meters stretch their partially glaciated peak in the sky at Yoho National Park. The height of yoho waterfalls is 3.567 meters; the Mount Goodsir is the largest mountain in Yoho National Park. Yoho national parkThe largest glaciers in the Yoho National Park include the Waputik and the Wapta Icefield. Countless lakes, which are fed by the outflow of the glaciers dominate the landscape. The Yoho National Park has a variety of spectacular that Thunder in the yoho waterfalls over several rock steps in Yoho waterfall depth, With the impressive height of 254 meters, yoho waterfalls are the third highest waterfalls in Canada. The yoho waterfalls are fed by the Delay of Glacier. Particularly impressive, the cases present themselves in the spring with the onset of snowmelt. Then plunge down huge amounts of water under loud over the edge of rock into the river.

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The small village of field is a municipality in the Yoho National Park with less than 300 inhabitants. It forms the starting point for yoho national park hiking and best time to visit yoho national park in summer months. More than 400 km mountain paths which lead to high in the inaccessible mountains traverse the yoho national park . In field, guided hiking are offered on which penetrate accompanied by an experienced guide in the unspoiled mountain world at Yoho National park. The village also is the visitor center for yoho national park tours . The climate of Yoho National park in this region is rough, Fall due to the location on the Western ridge of the Canadian Rockies in Yoho National Park significantly more rainfall than in the eastern regions. In the summer the temperatures of Yoho National park is  barely above 20 degrees rise. You must count on Frost and snowfall even in mid-summer from a height of 1,500 meters .

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In the deeper layers of the Yoho National Park extend deep rain forests of the temperate latitudes to the part. You see in yoho national park tours Some trees are more than 800 years old . The forests are home to diverse wildlife. The largest population of grizzly bears in in the Wilderness on the yoho waterfalls O’Hara. The activities of the Brown giants in the summer to protect the visitors come through yoho national park tours at yoho waterfalls often cause revocation of yoho national park hiking trails. Black bears are common, especially in the Hoodoo Campground. In addition to the great bear, moose, Wapiti deer and bighorn sheep live in the Yoho National park. The best time to visit yoho national park during the summer months when  crystal clear glacial lakes are attractive destinations at yoho waterfalls . Particularly impressive is the turquoise Emerald yoho waterfalls. The conspicuous coloring receives the Lake by rock flour the glacier over the course of thousands of years from the rock have washed and ground into tiny particles at Yoho National park. A shuttle bus or walk you get to the mountain lake of Lake O’Hara is beautiful waterfalls. The Yoho National park Lodge that serves as a starting point for  yoho national park hiking is located on the shore of beautiful waterfalls.

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The Yoho National Park receives its visitors with breathtaking natural landscapes. In yoho national park tours  to the 254 meters high Takakkaw Falls, the 80-meter high twin falls are a worthwhile destination are  beautiful waterfalls of Yoho National park. After several hours of walking, you can reach the yoho waterfalls. Another major attraction for yoho national park tours  is the Kicking Horse River with its torrential flow. The best time to visit yoho national park   In the summer, rafting and canoe trips take place in the raging flood waters . Because of its extremely strong current, this outdoor adventure but not for watersports beginners is suitable in Yoho National park. The so-called Burgess shale rock is the site of a major discovery of fossils. In yoho national park travel guide   Some of the there discovered fossils are more than 500 million years old at yoho national park . A prime vantage point is the lower spiral tunnel viewpoint of  beautiful waterfalls. Here you have a fantastic view of the Valley for  yoho national park tours  . Yoho National Park is reached via the Trans-Canada Highway. The highway runs right through the Centre of the Yoho National park and ends at Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

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