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Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is a green city in the Australian State of Victoria; the cityscape is characterized by numerous gardens and Melbourne Park. The Royal Botanic Gardens of the melbourne Park is the largest landscaped park for many Melbourne tourist attractions to most beautiful gardens of the country. The Melbourne Park is located on the southern banks of the Yarra River. In the immediate vicinity of the Observatory at St. Kilda Street, The entrance of melbourne Park is located in the sprawling area, More than 52,000 species are native to the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. The area of  Melbourne Park is mathematicaly arranged and contains numerous greenhouses, small lakes, and open spaces, which are used in the summer for concerts and theater performances. Also, the garden is home to many species of birds and some mammals.


Pictures of Royal Botanic Gardens

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History of Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden at the melbourne Park was opened in 1846. The German gardener and landscape architect Ferdinand von Mueller were appointed in 1857 to the Director of royal botanic gardens Melbourne. Under his leadership, numerous plant species from all over the world were brought together and settled in structured thematic areas of royal botanic gardens Melbourne. Ferdinand von Mueller gained great achievements in the field research on the Australian vegetation at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. He founded a scientific research center in the royal botanic gardens, Melbourne. To date, research plays a central role in the extensive gardens. The staff of Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne inserts for the preservation of plant species that are threatened with the advantage of natural space for experimental purposes at royal botanic gardens Melbourne. The botanist William Robert Guilfoyle was one of the major designers of the royal botanic gardens Melbourne later. He gave the Park its aesthetic appearance, which should be indicative for the landscaping and horticulture in the entire state of Victoria. Extensive green spaces, idyllic lakes, and winding paths were created under his direction you will be visiting at royal botanic gardens Melbourne.

Brief Information of Botanical Garden

Similar plants of royal botanic gardens Melbourne are grouped together in thematically arranged areas you can be seen in the Park 17.  The most notable areas for Melbourne tourist attractions  including the California garden, the rose garden and a collection of cycads. Cycads are among the oldest plants on the Earth and existed at the time of the dinosaurs. In Australia, there are about 80 different species in the wild, and many are at risk of extinction. The living fossils are located by using extensive farming methods in royal botanic gardens Melbourne for decades. A special bed enlightens visitors under the theme of “rare and endangered species.” The California garden plants are native, originating from the South West of the United States. They thrive in the South of Australia’s excellent because of similar climatic conditions of both regions. The Rose collection is one of the most visited areas of royal botanic gardens Melbourne for Melbourne tourist attractions. A thriving sea of different varieties of roses from all over the world is located in this section of royal botanic gardens, Melbourne. About the plant is a sweet fragrance, the magnificent flowers exude. Also, there is a cactus garden and a rain forest trail, where you can admire many tropical plants in the royal botanic gardens, Melbourne.

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