History & Information of Sydney Opera House Australia

History of Sydney Opera House

The Sydney is located in the metropolis of Sydney Opera House directly on the Port Jackson. The few structures of the 20th century, the Opera was recorded in 2007 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. The impressive Sydney opera house architect makes one of the most photographed buildings in Australia. Planning and design go back to the Danish architect Jorn Oberg Utzon. The shape of Sydney opera house architect has reflected the maritime character of the region. The Sydney opera house construction  occupies an area of 18,000 square meters, is 184 meters long and 118 meters wide. At the highest point, the distinctive roof extends 67 meters in height. The roof area was equipped with more than one million ceramic tiles from Sweden. They were imported directly from the Scandinavian country. The building rests on 580 posts, up to 25 meters deep are anchored in the ground.


Pictures of Sydney Opera House Inside

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Tourism guide to Sydney Opera house

In Sydney Opera house tour you see, The emergence of the building is based on a tender, carried out by the city of Sydney to make prestigious Opera House. Like a building site, a small peninsula in the eye was caught me the Bennelong Point, jutting from the capital to the port. The Sydney opera house architect of the Danish architect Jørn Oberg Utzon won it in 1957. In 2003, he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize for his life’s work. Denmark saw the Opera House as part of the cultural heritage of the country and recorded the Sydney opera house architect by the Danish Cultural Canon. The sydney opera house construction is one of the world’s largest cultural centers. More than 300,000 visitors each year visit the building part of guided tours. Up to 2,500 events, Opera House takes place each year in Sydney.

Brief information of Sydney Opera house

The Sydney opera house construction should become a financial tightrope. A budget of $7 million available for Sydney opera house construction, which could not be exceeded was the Sydney Opera House architect to start construction. With the establishment of the complex roof construction costs ballooned and the design had to be changed several times. The constantly increasing costs led to a blocking of the funds. Utzon could no longer pay his team and left Australia in 1966. He should never again set foot on Australian soil. The completion of the Interior was transferred to a group of young Australian Sydney opera house architect. Savings on the Interior and the equipment have been made. The financing could be secured only through a lottery specially launched. Overall, the building engulfed more than 100 million Australian dollars. In 1973, the inauguration of the Opera House was finally by Queen Elizabeth II. In 2004, Jørn Oberg Utzon as a gesture of reparation was offered a position as a consultant with the redesign and renovation of the interiors, which he took from his Danish Office.

Sydney Opera house Final words

In sydney opera house tour, Include all facilities of the building the approximately one-hour guided Sydney Opera House tour. Lead from the front in the public area and from there behind the stage in the backstage area. Theatre performances, concerts, dance and opera performances take place in Sydney opera house. The performances are the Australian Ballet, which involved Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Theatre Company. There are four restaurants, six bars and numerous souvenir shops included in Sydney opera house construction. The concert hall is the largest room of the event. Total 2.679 viewers find the place in the vast space. Also, there are more rooms with the Playhouse, the Opera Theatre, the drama theater and the Studio Theatre. The forecourt is the Open-Air section of the Opera House. Concerts and theater performances take place here during the summer months under the open sky. The images of the spectacular new year’s Eve Fireworks over the Sydney go Opera House around the world every year you visit at Sydney Opera House tour. You have fantastic views of the impressive structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is located opposite the sydney Opera house construction building.

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