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Town of Campeche Mexico

Campeche is the capital city of the Mexican State of the same name. It is located onthe Yucatán peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico and since 1999 the UNESCO World Heritage site.
The founding of the city of Campeche goes back to Spanish Explorer, who along sailed in the year 1517 with their ships on the coasts of the Yucatán peninsula.  Fortified Town of Campeche, MexicoUnder the leadership of Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, the later conqueror on the site of the present-day town area put the foot for the first time on the land. At that time,a small Mayan settlement named k Peech was in this place. A Spanish settlement was only in the year 1540. Inspired by the old name of the Maya, she was baptized in the name of Campeche. Today one remembers stone stele in front of the church Iglesia San Francisco and a monument on the waterfront at the first Christian church services, which was held two days after their arrival in the year 1517 by the Spaniards.

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Brief information of Campeche Mexico

The City developed due to the strategic position on the Gulf of Mexico within a short time to a major trading post. A port was applied, laden with treasure from the newworld, from which the Spanish galleys, ran out in the home. A thriving trade was created with wood and agricultural products, which brought material welfare of the city of Campeche. The richness of the coastal town of awakened desires when filibusters from the 17th century and as a result the city has been plagued by frequent pirate raids. The worst attack took place in the year 1663, when the town was almost completely destroyed. This event took the Spanish Royal House, a defensive fortification to protect Campeche. It was built a huge wall with watchtowers around the city,which was completed in the year 1688. When the wall was superfluous in later centuries, it was demolished and the stones were used as a building material in the construction of residential buildings. The fortresses, which today are prepared and open to the public as a museum were left.

Attractions of Campeche Mexico

Campeche is an attractive coastal town, whose historical Stadtkern with the fortifications belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage today. On the shore the a popular meeting place which is native has become a wide promenade along. Here will stroll in the evening hours and during the day joggers, bicyclists and inline skaters on the shore road romp. Museums in the old defensive works document the history of the city of many exhibits. There be paraphernalia of pirates and equipment of the defenders. In addition, you can admire a variety of guns, which date back to the time of pirate attacks. In memory of the colourful past of Campeche, an elaborately stagedpirate show takes place on Sundays, when cannons fired and re-enacted battle scenes. The most impressive building of Campeche is the Cathedral, which was completed only after a 200-year old building. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the year 1650. A special feature of the Cathedral is the black marble floor in the Interior.
Buildings of Campeche Town
The modern administrative building of Campeche form a fascinating contrast to thecolonial architecture of large parts of the town area. The seat of the Mexican State of the same name, is located here. The architecture is futuristic and is an impressive example of the architectural style of Latin American modernism. Culturally interestedvisitors can visit the Museo Arqueológico. There, many artifacts and relics are exhibited, which were uncovered during archaeological excavations in the State of Campeche. Prehistoric burial masks of jade are among the most valuable pieces. A green oasis in the city is the Botanical Garden in the Baluarte de Santiago. There, cast on beautifully landscaped trails through lush vegetation and gain insight into the flora ofMexico‘s Yucatán peninsula. In the historical city centre attract small restaurants with exquisite dishes of Mexican cuisine. Conditionally tasty fish dishes and original prepared creations from various seafood are offered by the proximity to the sea.
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