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Chichen Itza Mayan

Chichen Itza the most important site of ancient Mayan culture in the Yucatán peninsula. In Chichen Itza information, the area of the archaeological site extends over an area of more than 1,500 acres including  Monumental buildings, which is associated with a political, religious background rise in the Chichen Itza   history. Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramids,Impressively rises a massive step pyramid at the center of the building collection. It is surrounded by extensive  residential complexes, which once served as the residence of the upper class. Chichén Itzá, according to the findings of science in Chichen Itza   history between the 8th and 11th century, At that time, the town had a supra-regional importance. The site refers to relatively limited space its uniqueness from the existence of different architectural styles in Chichen Itza   history. In addition to designs in the Puuc style rise Chichen Itza buildings have distinguishing characteristics of the  kitchen style are the Chichen it facts.

Pictures of Chichen Itza Mexico

History of Chichen Itza Mexico

In chichen, Itza   history, the first reports of the Mayan city of  Chichen Itzacame from Spanish conquerors in the 16th century. According to the tradition, they should have built a small settlement in the town, which was later abandoned. The first excavations of lichen its buildings on the site began in 1875. The Carnegie strengthened the institution of Washington together with Mexican archaeologists from 1924 the efforts to uncover the ancient   in Chichen Itza   history.  The work formed the Foundation for a reconstruction of the historical processes when  Chichen Itzawas still a cultural center of the Maya. At that time, many temples, residential Chichen Itza buildings, and platforms were uncovered next to the step pyramid. The area has a different density of the development for Chichen Itza buildings. There are areas with closely related to each other stone buildings, which are surrounded by areas where no building could be proven. Scholars believe that these areas were used for the cultivation of crops.  The built-up areas are connected by more than 70 paved roads.

Brief Information on Buildings of Chichen Itza

The exceptional architecture is the essential characteristic of the Mayan city of Chichen Itza buildings. Up to the present, the purpose of some Chichen Itza buildings could not be decrypted. The majority of the Chichen Itza buildings has been restored and is today open to the traffic. Other Chichen Itza buildings were hiding still in the depths of the dense forest. The pyramid-like stone monuments, which are marked on the sides with staircases are among the most striking chichen Itza buildings. The interiors are big reminiscent halls. They served primarily religious purposes. Also, huge temple Chichen Itza buildings, of which the so-called Temple of the Warriors is one of the most famous charges on tiered platforms. The thousand pillars complex is an impressive architectural masterpiece. It consists of several columned halls were decorated with reliefs. The complex served as a meeting place of the same rank and social position. The ball courts occupy a large area in Chichén Itzá. A central position in the life of the Mayas came to the Chichen Itza ball game, Played with a solid rubber ball and the player had to protect them while playing Chichen Itza ball game with matching leather clothing against the harsh impact of the game device.

Tour to Chichen Itza

The findings of the importance of many Mayan rituals, as well as about the way of life of the old people come from inscriptions and relief works, which were found during the excavations. Sometimes, even colored representations of pillars and walls have been preserved. The Chichen Itza buildings are the most famous archaeological site of the Maya culture in modern times after Teotihuacán. It is a magnet for the public and attracts tourists from all over the world. The interiors of most of the Chichen Itza buildings are off-limits to visitors.  The sight of the huge Chichen Itza buildings  structures among visitors of the plant leaves a lasting impression. The Chichen Itza buildings are easily accessible if you spend a seaside vacation on the Riviera Maya location on the Yucatán peninsula. Also, a visit to the archaeological site is an integral part of any Chichen Itza tour of Mexico. The area already served as a venue for musical events, what always gave rise to protests because the Open-Air concerts content had nothing to do with the significance of the   site.

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