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Tourism, Pictures & History of Merida, Yucatán, Mexico

Merida | Capital of Yucatán, Mexico The city of Mérida is the capital of the Mexican State of Yucatán and a popular starting point for sightseeing tours to the historic sites of ancient Mayan cultures. The today’s urban area of Mérida was inhabited long before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The first Spanish settlers found […]

Zocalo City of Mexico Pictures, Tour & History

Zocalo Mexico City

Zocalo | The famous City of Mexico The National Palace occupies the entire East side of Zocalo Mexico. The length of El Zocalo plaza more than 200 meters. With the construction of the establishment was started in the year 1563. He first served as the seat of the viceroy of new Spain. In the El […]

Chichen Itza Pictures, Tourism Guide & History

Chichen Itza Mayan Chichen Itza the most important site of ancient Mayan culture in the Yucatán peninsula. In Chichen Itza information, the area of the archaeological site extends over an area of more than 1,500 acres including  Monumental buildings, which is associated with a political, religious background rise in the Chichen Itza   history. Impressively rises […]

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