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Brief Information of The desert town Australia

Desert Town of Alice Springs Australia

The Desert Town of Alice Springs Australia The desert town of Alice Springs with almost 30,000 inhabitants located in the region of Central Australia. No, another Australian city is further away from the major cities of the country. The nearest major towns are Darwin and Port Augusta. You are 1,500 or 1,230 kilometers away from […]

History & Information of Sydney Opera House Australia


History of Sydney Opera House The Sydney is located in the metropolis of Sydney Opera House directly on the Port Jackson. The few structures of the 20th century, the Opera was recorded in 2007 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. The impressive Sydney opera house architect makes one of the most photographed buildings in Australia. […]

Information of Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Landscape


Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Australia Melbourne is a green city in the Australian State of Victoria; the cityscape is characterized by numerous gardens and Melbourne Park. The Royal Botanic Gardens of the melbourne Park is the largest landscaped park for many Melbourne tourist attractions to most beautiful gardens of the country. The Melbourne Park is […]

Twelve Apostle on the Great Ocean Road Australia

Tourism Guide to Twelve Apostle: The twelve apostles bus tour offers you the opportunity to take an extremely varied and exciting journey of discovery in the coastal region of  South Australia. You extends to a length of 243 kilometers between the towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, along with the twelve apostles bus tour and passes […]

The Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Australia

Great barrier Reaf

Information of Great Barrier Reef The great barrier reef coral of Australia in the North East coast is the largest coral reef in the world.The length of more than 2,300 kilometers, the great barrier reef before the stretches along the coast of the Australian State of Queensland. The coral reef is composed of over 2,900 […]

Cairns | Diving Capital of Australia


Cairns | Diving Capital of Australia The exposed location of Cairns in the tropical zone of the great barrier reef makes the city a favorite destination for beach-lovers, cairns helicopter diving , and backpackers. After the cities of Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Cairns is the most visited city of the Australian continent. The city is […]

Uluru Ayers Rock & Mountains of Australia

Ayers rock of australia

Uluru Ayers Rocks & Mountains of Australia The  Ayers Rock mountains of Australia are the most striking feature of the monolithic-looking mountain with red coloring, which rises from the desert-like landscape of the Australia. The  Ayers Rock is located in the northern territory of Australia and is known by the aborigines as Uluru.  The spiritual […]

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