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Cultural History & Information of Humayun Tomb India


 Cultural Information & History of Humayun Tomb India: Humayun’s tomb is the tomb of Nasiruddin Muhammad Humayun. According to the history of Humayun tomb, It is located in Delhi. This building was built by the combination of Persian elements as well as Hindu Artitecture. Since 1993 it was admitted as cultural hertage of UNESCO.   […]

Brief Information & History of Udaipur India

History Of Udaipur: Since 1568, According to the history of Udaipur, It was the capital of the wealthy Mewar to the development of the Indian Union in 1948, and the economical and cultural centre of this area of comparatively independent. May and in April, the day temperatures not seldom reach values of approximately 40 degrees. […]

Brief Information & History of Meherangarh Fort

History of Maherangarh Fort India

Brief Information & History of Fort Meherangarh In the history of india, Meherangarh fort is most attractive and beautiful place to visit in india. Brief information and history of meherangarh fort is written as per our research. Enjoy that and share it with your friends ! Brief overview on History of Maherangarh Fort India: According […]

Brief Information & History of Taj Mahal India


Brief Information & History of Taj Mahal India According to History, The Taj Mahal is considered as the fabulous and famous buildings of indo Islamic design around the world. According to the history of Taj Mahal, It has been listed in 1983 in the Heritage list of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Brief History of Taj Mahal Agra The […]

Information and History of Fatehpur Sikri India

According to the history of Fatehpur Sikri, It is the old capital of the former Mughal Empire. It has a large gem of skeletal monuments. The entire downtown area belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Taj Mahal Agra | History of Fatehpur Sikri India Around 40 Km’s west of the town of the world […]

8 Best Historical Places to Visit in INDIA

best historical places to visit in india

India is a country with a fascinating culture. For travel and tour, India is best option due to best and beautiful historical places to visit. In India, Tours lead in the culturally and historically significant regions and thematic focus on individual priorities.According to size of country, it is nearly impossible to visit all areas of […]

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