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Information and History on temple of Edfu | Ancient Egypt

edfu temple

History of Edfu Temple Complex According to the history of the Temple of Edfu, it is among the best preserved ancient Egyptian Temple complexes and edfu temple was dedicated to the local deity of Horbendeth. Information of Edfu Temple The Temple of Edfu is situated on the outskirts of the city in Upper Egypt. The Temple […]

The Valley of Kings – Tourist Guide, Pictures


Valley of the Kings One of the most Attractive place to visit in Egypt is known as Valley of Kings. gods of Egyptian people are buried there. Valley of kings is best place for tourists and millions of tourists gave4.5 reviews when they visit the Valley of kings due to its architecture monuments and statues. […]

Karnak Temple – An Ancient Egyptian Temple Complex


Karnak Temple The Karnak Temple is an ancient Egyptian temple complex. Temple of Karnak is most attractive temple in Egypt and people are very fond to visit to Karnak Temple. The Temple of Karnak is situated about 2.5 km north of Temple Luxor and belongs together with the Temple of Luxor since 1979 to the […]

Pyramids, Temples and must visit Places of Egypt


According to the history of Egypt, Pharaohs rule the Egypt in ancient time, thousands of years ago. Pharaohs plays an important role to build up historical and beautiful monumental buildings according to the acient human creativity which is now appreciated by millions of visitors. Pyramids of Egypt: About 15 kilometers from the city center of […]

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