Cairns | Diving Capital of Australia

Cairns | Diving Capital of Australia

The exposed location of Cairns in the tropical zone of the great barrier reef makes the city a favorite destination for beach-lovers, cairns helicopter diving , and backpackers. After the cities of Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Cairns is the most visited city of the Australian continent. The city is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and has a man-made swimming lagoon, which serves the residents and visitors of the city as a bad. Cairns does not have direct access to the beach. At low tide, the coastal area turns into a muddy Watts-similar level, where small mangroves have settled. On the shore, one extends long promenade; only elaborate has been renewed recently. A few kilometers north of the city area offers some of the most beautiful tropical beaches of the Australian State of Queensland.

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Cairns is known as scuba diving capital of Australia. The distance to the UNESCO World Heritage great barrier reef is only about 50 kilometers. After a drive of an hour by boat of cairns diving tours , they have reached the fantastic diving sites on the outer reef. The meeting point for day trips to the colorful underwater world is located in the Marina at the Northeast end of the Spence Street. A huge range of cairns diving course helps to  prepare the underwater expeditions inexperienced visitors. The tours to the great barrier reef only in the context of organized group of cairns diving tours  are offered. The local cairns diving  school  have not own boats. To book the excursions, on-site at a local organizer. Since there are many different diving and snorkeling trips, it is advisable in the run-up to clarify which diving places are approached, the number of participants is how big and what extra are available. The  Transport, equipment, and meals are usually included in the price cairns diving tours . The group size varies and fluctuates between 6 and 300 participants of  cairns helicopter diving


You visit in cairns diving tours , In cairns shopping centre  fashion boutiques, jewelry shops, art galleries and souvenir shops. Culture and history-come during a visit to  the Cairns Museum at their expense. In cairns diving tours , You  learn many details about the urban development and the tropical environment of the city. In the Cairns Regional Gallery is traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art on display. Turbulent is to market to the traditional rusty on Grafton Street you will see during a cairns diving tours . In the early morning, traders pile stacked tropical fruits and fresh vegetables. At the weekly market, clothes, coffee, jewelry and flowers at reasonable prices are also offered.  In cairns shopping centre the  Import clothes from Asia, souvenirs, and fashion jewelry are offered on the night market , on weekdays will take place between 17.00 and 00: 00 on the Esplanade. The multicultural kitchen of the city consists of fresh fish and seafood, dishes with Asian   grilled meat  are the delicious cairns foods .

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