8 Best Historical Places to Visit in INDIA

India is a country with a fascinating culture. For travel and tour, India is best option due to best and beautiful historical places to visit. In India, Tours lead in the culturally and historically significant regions and thematic focus on individual priorities.best historical places to visit in indiaAccording to size of country, it is nearly impossible to visit all areas of India, in the context of a tour only. Most offers of tour operators include an accurate travel planning and booking of accommodation and meals in addition to the flight. Some top and best historical places to visit in India are mentioned below:

1- Fatehpur Sikri | Best historical place to Visit


Fatehpur Sikri is the ancient capital of the former Mughal Empire. It has a vast treasure of architectural monuments. The entire downtown area belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.You can read History of Fatehpur Sikri on our website.

2- Amber Fort | Beautiful place to visit in India


The metropolis Jaipur is very famous historical place located at the North of India. It is the capital of the Federal State Rajasthan. With the Fort, an impressive fortress from the Mughal reign half-way amber, is located between Jaipur and Amber Fort. You can read History of Amber Fort on our website.


3- Taj Mahal | Famous historical place of India


The Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the most famous historical building of indo-Islamic architecture around the world. It has been recorded in 1983 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. You can read History of Taj Mahal on our website.

4- Udaipur |Beautiful Area of India to Visit


The city of Udaipur around half a million inhabitants is a tourist center in the northwest of India with its island palaces.The lakes in the inner city area and magnificent gardens and temples.You can read History of Udaipur on our website.


5- Somnathpur|Famous village of India to visit


Somnathpur village is located about 35 km east of the Indian city of Mysore. The Keshava Temple is an impressive building from the Hoysala period.You can read History of Somnathpur on our website.


6- The Tomb of Humayun |  Dehli


The Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is the tomb of Emperor Nasiruddin Muhammad Humayun. Since 1993 it becomes to the cultural heritage of the UNESCO. You can read History of the Tomb of Humayun on our website.

7- Mahabalipuram | South Indian Town


The preferred destination for beach lovers and history buffs is South Indian town of Mahabalipuram. In addition to beautiful sandy beaches, one of the most significant archaeological of findings of India awaits you here. You can read History of Mahabalipuram on our website.


8-  Meherangarh Fort  | Jodhpur


The formidable fortress of Meherangarh rises like a giant rectangular monolith on more than 100 meters high hill., over the city of Jodhpur. You can read History of Meherangarh on our website.

The tours can conduct  in air-conditioned travel or mini-buses depending on the group size. The accommodation is available depending on the destinations in middle-class hotels or resorts and lodges. Traveling in the North of the country close acquaintance with the cultural legacy of the Maharajas. This attractive destination such as the Taj Mahal. The old capital of the Mughal Empire of Fatehpur Sikri and the Fort are Amber in Jaipur. There are many best historical places to visit in India., like the tomb of Humayun in Delhi and marvel at the magnificent temples at Pai Hola Lake in Udaipur.


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